A paperless office is just less paper

The majority of people appreciate and would love to go paperless but see it as a huge daunting task that will cost those loads of money and time. This isn't the case as what we always suggest at Turtle is start small and with manageable loads of archive boxes so that the transition is good for both the budget and the organisation.

Going paperless today is about less paper not some crazy 1970's version of the future in 2012 that involves futuristic clothing & tin foil hats and robots doing everything. It is a culture change that is embodied in the realisation that ultimately going paperless involves being more organised as the less paper there is about to sort through and store the easiest it is to retrieve the file you want. Organisations need organising and the bigger they are the bigger they fall when things go wrong as mistakes are multiplied exponentially through the number of people involved.

Being better organised allows more staff faster access to the information they might need. If more staff have faster access to their information then logic suggests that they can get their job done quicker, allowing them to go home earlier (yeah right I hear you yell) or realistically get more done each day providing a positive cycle of improvement.

The 21st century nightmare that computers were to be affected by the millennium bug have all taught us to back up all our data that when we do convert paper to digital means then you have everything securely stored so that if disaster strikes for whatever reason ( hat tip to NatWest and their buddies) then all the information can be restored instantly with no loss to earnings and profit for the organisation and customers.

Going paperless is not an overnight thing and your company will not be able to go paperless overnight (Turtle Imaging can collect all your files and take them away overnight) but the conversion of a organisation is never an overnight thing. We will help guide you through this with our free transfer service to help you go paperless. We take your documents out of storage or the basement or directors loft ( it does happen) and we then start scanning your documents onto file. This is just the first step in a 21st century changeover to digital life.

We then show you how to access the information you used to have to rifle through boxes to find. In a fast, easy and efficient way of getting the information you need at the click of a button. We are here to support you through this change without the tin foil hats- I promise!.

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