Cloudy Days Ahead?

Document imaging is a simple solution to a growing problem within any business that generates paper documents. Advertising agencies in particular have seen the benefits of the service we provide. Our service will transform any department and increase it's effectiveness considerably (especially if you have back-up clients). You send us boxes of paper and you get an email within days to inform you that your data is "live" and ready to be viewed. We host all the data for you via our Cloud based product. We can also provide the work on CD if required which can be uploaded to your own servers.

Our service is especially well received at audit time because data can be found instantly at your fingertips rather than hunting through archive boxes or filing cabinets. HM Revenue & Customs will also accept electronic data so there is no need to retain the hard copy. We can then shred & recycle the paper. This will obviously free up a great deal of space in the office and could eradicate your data storage costs. It is also quite an environmentally friendly approach to the disposal of your paperwork. To start the procedure is very simple; RKCR Y&R for example was up and running after two short meetings. All you need to decide is what documents you wish to scan and how you would like them indexed.

An option available to potential clients is to have some of their information scanned and put onto C.D. with free retrieval and viewing software. This enables the client to see their own live data and how effective the service is. This is carried out for no charge. Turtle Document Management has strong links with the Advertising & Media industry and specialises in the scanning of their work. The current clients include Saatchi & Saatchi, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, Y&R, M&C Saatchi, Glue, AKQA, EDC, CHI, Starcom, Zenith Optimedia & OMG. Turtle Document Management can also integrate DDS or Maconomy information electronically into their indexing system to offer a wider range of search fields.

Whether it be a large back scanning project to free up space in the office or a "day forward" exercise, Turtle Document Management is perfectly equipped to help. Some agencies spend around £250.00 a month for the service and haven't looked back.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any queries or indeed need to arrange an appointment.

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