Cloud Hosting & Online Access

All organisations are seeking to enhance efficiencies, reduce ownership costs, improve service quality and ensure business continuity in their IT infrastructure.

In response, Turtle Document Management offers streamlined, scalable, fully managed hosting serivce for all client data scanned. All within a highly secure IT infrastructure, network and storage facility. And increasingly, companies of all sizes, including those with perfectly good internal networks, are turning to Turtle's managed hosting service.

  1. NO DELAYS: You don't have to wait for IT to get round to your system needs. All you need is a browser and access to the internet and you are in business. Your IT department can focus on its core competencies, rather than managing a library system that might be low down on its priority list..
  2. COST SAVINGS: You don't need to budget to buy, manage and back-up a server to locate your library system. You don't need internal support for updates and enhancements to your library management systems as we will apply these for you. And, because Turtle does not have to upgrade and implement software on your internal servers, we can keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you.
  3. DISASTER RECOVERY AND BACKUPS: In the event of a disaster your systems never go off-line. You don't have to think about backup procedures and what happens if it all goes wrong giving you peace of mind and you are free from attending meetings about your IT provision.
  4. END USER ACCESS: Our global network that is faster and more reliable than any network a small company can manage or afford. So you can be secure in the knowledge that your users will have unfettered access and bandwidth to your library resources. Once a job is complete the data is uploaded and the client receives an email informing them the work is live and ready to view.If you're an enterprise business looking to consolidate, expand, centralise or globalise your IT infrastructure this service could be just what you're looking for. A client who uses this service and operates globally told us that it was faster to implement systems using our external hosting resources and if it had been done internally it would have led to serious delays in a very important project.


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