How to stop paying for storage

In the good old days it was great giving archive boxes to storage companies as they were taking up much needed space in the office and they could be forgotten about.

What companies soon found out though was that they were tied to paying for the boxes indefinitely as it was generally accepted that they had to keep their boxes for a defined period of time for legal reasons- see our website for why that isn't the case. Another problem was that as everyone started to go digital, files were needed for retrieval very fast so companies then had to spend time and money to get the information back as well as paying for the storage.

Turtle Document Management have solved this problem so that means that you can stop paying for storage. By scanning your files with us, we will not charge any storage fees for the duration of the job and it also means you can have all that data available at a click of a button.

How it works:

  1. Turtle collect all of your archived boxes from where your boxes are being stored.
  2. Turtle Document Management can scan your archive boxes in one go, or at a pre-arranged volume to suit your budget (minimum scan volumes apply).
  3. Any copies needed before the scanning takes place can be immediately sourced, scanned and emailed to the recipient in a fraction of the time and cost compared to hard copy retrieval.
  4. Turtle instantly send you the scanned data on a CD, email or via ftp every month so you can get immediate access to your information and your data will be safely backed up off site.
  5. We then shred and recycle the files you no longer want free of charge for you.

Turtle can then scan your files if you need on a going forward basis so that you continue to be a paperless company and never pay for storage ever again.

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