The Mears Group case study

Q: What is your position within the company?

A : Director

Q. Why did you decide to try document scanning?

A: We were moving offices from Charlton to Dartford to a much smaller office space that would not accommodate the hundreds and hundreds of archive boxes we had just sitting in our offices so when we heard about this scanning service we decided to try it.

Q: What do you have scanned?

A: Mainly site files & tender documents.

Q: When do you scan?

A: As and when site projects are completed; we turn over all the documents to Turtle for scanning & destroying when tender documents are completed.

Q: How does it affect your business and what benefits have you seen?

A: It has allowed us to get organised with all of the thousands of files that we have to process on a weekly basis. We also found that we can get to the files instantly that we used to spend days rummaging through boxes to find. Also the space saving; we now have a few CD's instead of hundreds of boxes. Storing in archive was just too expensive an option.

Q: Why did you choose Turtle Document Management for this document scanning service?

A: They had an impressive client list, a good price and very friendly staff.

Q: Would you recommend Turtle Document Management to others?

A: Yes- we have used them for 2 years and will continue to do so.

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