The OMD case study

Q: What is your position within the company?

A : Managing Partner

Q. Why did you decide to try document scanning?

A2: Our sister company uses Turtle for their scanning requirements and a colleague from there highly recommended their services. As a company, we were rapidly growing and accumulating paper work and were not totally happy with our previous archive company..

Q: What do you have scanned?

A: All told, we scan 17 different document types. Predominantly finance data.

Q: When do you scan?

A: We try to scan as regularly as possible to keep the storage space in the building low.

Q: How does it affect your business and what benefits have you seen?

A: It has freed up space at our premises and has enhanced efficiencies within our team. Turtle’s cloud based solution means we don’t have to expend any time with uploading the data ourselves to our servers. We simply get an email saying that the data is “live”.

Q: Why did you choose Turtle Document Management for this document scanning service?

A: They came highly recommended.

Q: Would you recommend Turtle Document Management to others?

A: Yes. They were recommended to us and we have in fact already done so to other companies within our group.

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