Document Scanning and Shredding in Kent

In a previous article A paperless office is just less paper we stated that going paperless is more about getting organised so that there is less paper about the office rather than having no paper at all and this is true about how it affects archiving of files.

All offices need to archive their data, whether its invoices, medical documents, project files or accounts. Modern legal guidelines say that we don't need to keep hard copies of our data anymore as long as the quality of the digital version is good. So we have a situation where we need to keep the files but we don't need to have hard copies in the office or kept in storage.

This is where virtual archiving comes in. Virtual archiving or digitalisation or document scanning or whatever you know it as is the archiving of data in electronic format. Your files organised and indexed in exactly the same way as you currently have them in your office or storage.

“Neat and organised are not necessarily the same thing" David Allen- Best Selling Author of Getting Things Done

With standard archiving, your files are neatly tucked away in the basement or you are paying for them to be in storage and it costs time and money to access your data. With virtual archiving -your office is not only neat but it is organised too as you have the information available at a click of a button. The way we organise your files at Turtle Document Management means that say it is audit time and you need a copy of invoice 3123424. All you do is go to our free software that we provide and install at your office as part of our scanning service and click on invoices tab and enter 3123424 and there is your invoice, ready to be emailed or printed. Alternatively you can log on via our cloud service and get access to the data at work, home on the move via your phone or laptop.

It really is that simple. If you love the idea of virtual archiving but are concerned about how much it costs then relax as our offer is still there to store your files at NO COST TO YOU whilst we are scanning your files means you wouldn't pay anymore than you currently are if you are paying indefinite storage.

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